Bullet Witch (ACTUAL Game Review)

Wanna play after watching this :d


Bullet Witch did not receive good reviews upon its release 12 years ago for the Xbox 360, so I have no idea who thought bringing this to PC would be a good idea, but I at least respect them for that. The port itself is actually great, but the game behind it is not.


Quality port. My biggest surprise when going into Bullet Witch was just how well-done the port is. The main factors here being the increased framerate and resolution options. I was able to play through the game just fine running at 1080p with a constant 60fps. The game adapts well to mouse and keyboard control as well, with the camera never really posing a problem (which it apparently did in the original). The game certainly does not look better than when it was released, but at least it runs well.

Crazy physics. I found Bullet Witch…

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